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Red Rover

Drink pairing: TBA
Music pairing: TBA
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Red Rover is an experimental game about space exploration and the human voyage to Mars.

This is my day job.

Visit the homepage // Follow my blog // Follow the devblog // Facebooklike the game // Like me in real life, with hugs.

Greedy Aardvark

Dec. 2012
Drink pairing: Wine from a box
Music pairing: "Run With Us," by Kevin Gillis
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My entry for the Ludum Dare 48-hour game jam. The theme this year was "You Are the Villain" -- the LD48 page is here.

Postpartum and attempt at an explanation here.

Mac OS X: Zip file (10.7MB).

Web: here.

Windows: Zip file (10.0MB).


Dec. 2011
Drink pairing: Red Bull & vodka
Music pairing: Mutually Arising, Greg Davis
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My entry for the Ludum Dare 48-hour game jam. The theme this year was "Alone" -- postmortem should be available here.

The game has been tested on Windows 7; hopefully it works on other versions as well.

Also, be sure to play this on a laptop.

Windows (Competition submission): Zip file (3.1MB).

Windows (v1.1): Zip file (4.5MB).

Linux (v1.1): Zip file (3.0MB).

The American Dream: Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era? (Android version)

Nov. 2011
Drink pairing: Cheap lager
Music pairing: "Ambient 1: Music for Airports," Brian Eno
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The hit game, now available on the Android platform! Check out the Market page here!

I've gone into detail about the changes from the original version here.

Dental Damnation

Nov. 2011
Drink pairing: Coffee
Music pairing: Yakkety Sax.
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The result of a no-holds-barred 3-hour game jam at this year's Gamercamp. The secret ingredient was a set of chattering teeth, which we had to include in one way or another. You fly around and avoid the teeth whilst collecting puffy things. I may actually polish and upload it some day, in a fit of intense boredom.

Linux & Windows: Zip file (1.0MB).

Newton64's Revised King James Bible

May 2011
Drink pairing: Absinthe
Music pairing: "Finale (Symphony No. 4)," by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
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This year was my first experience with TOJam (actually, my first experience in a "formal" jam, whatsoever), and it took me 1.5 days to throw this bad boy together. In it, you guide Adam and Eve on a comet down to Earth, while fending off other falling debris; Adam with his boomerang rib ("boomerib"), and Eve with her Snake Whip.

More on the game's development here, and don't forget to check out the README file for instructions! Wh-pssh!

Linux & Windows: Both versions available in one convenient zip file (6.8MB).

Manster Mash

Apr. 2011
Drink pairing: McClelland's Single Malt whisky
Music pairing: Birdemic motion picture score.
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Manly! Hitting! Bacon! I made a game in two weeks using Orx. Read this to find out more and look at a disgustingly tempting picture of bacon. Importantly, this game may be full of bugs---leave a comment on the above blog post if so. Oh, also, there's no in-game tutorial, so you'd be well served to actually READ the readme.

Linux & Windows: Both versions available in one convenient zip file (5.8MB).

UPDATE: (May 2011) The soundtrack is now available HERE!

Space Race

Mar. 2011
Drink pairing: Zubrowka
Music pairing: Vangelis

A quick paper prototype I made for an online game design course. Read more about it (that is, get all of the rules) here.

Skrud Or Pizza?

Nov. 2010
Drink pairing: West Coast IPA
Music pairing: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Song." Looping, forever.
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Another one-week game project. Read the blog post to learn all about it!

Is it Skrud? Is it a pizza? Is it Superman?! One thing we can guarantee: it is not two of those three things!

Play it now!



Nov. 2010

It's new. It's improved. It's got a deeper dish.

Skrud Or Pizza: WORLD TOURNAMENT. Beware the Skrudzza.

Play it now!


Sep. 2010
Drink pairing: Cheap lager
Music pairing: "Dies Irae," Verdi
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A silly game for the Experimental Gameplay Project's "Never-ending Game" theme. Read my post on the subject.

It should be playable in any HTML5-enabled browser.

There's no sound yet, but I may add that eventually, but probably not.


Play it now!

Everything is Wonderful

Jul. 2010
Drink pairing: Red wine (French)
Music pairing: "Moonlight Sonata," Beethoven
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A game I put together in a week to experiment with jam-style development, and the LÖVE2D game engine.

See this post for details and game instructions.



Cube Jumpr!

Jun. 2010
Drink pairing: Gin _ Tonic
Music pairing: Anamanaguchi
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A small experiment with Akihabara, an HTML5 games API. It was motivated by these tutorials by Darius Kazemi and Darren Torpey, and is essentially a watered-down version of KJumpingcube, one of my favorite open Linux games. See this post for details on its creation, as well as, most importantly, all of the game's rules.

It should be playable in any HTML5-enabled browser.

The American Dream: Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era?

Jan. 2010
Drink pairing: Cheap lager
Music pairing: "Ambient 1: Music for Airports," Brian Eno
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A game for the GAMMA IV one-button-only competition. Read my post-mortem to learn more about its design and creation, and join the discussion in the TIGSource forums.

NIGHTMARE in the Overbourn Marshes

Jul. 2009
Drink pairing: Single-malt whisky
Music pairing: godspeed you! black emperor
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A small prototype I created to experiment somewhat with procedural content generation and exploration. Read this post to get the full scoop, and please read the included README file! It is somewhat helpful/all-important.

Harry's 21st Birthday

Nov. 2003
Drink pairing: Stout
Music pairing: Doom soundtrack.
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Some time ago, I spliced together genetic code (and sprites) from id Software's Doom, and a sizeable amount of scripting in Adventure Game Studio (AGS). This is the offspring.

In Harry's 21st Birthday, you play as Tom, one of Doom's absolutely charming and horrendously violent Barons of Hell. Tom's buddy Harry (a Cyberdemon) is celebrating his birthday today, and Tom's throwing a shindig at his sweet bachelor pad, the Phobos Anomaly (E1M8). Our story starts with Tom paying a visit to the Fortress of Mystery (E2M9), where he must convince his cacodemon friend Sally to take Harry out on the town, so that Tom himself can return home to prepare...

Visit the AGS database page, or check out the official site!

UPDATE: (Dec. 2010) A walkthrough is now available!