Harry's 21st Birthday

The first game by Newtondotnet Software

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UPDATE: The email address in the game's end credits is now outdated. All further email can be sent to nrudzicz at gmail dot com.

First thing's first: we here at Newtondotnet Software do actually realize that this is quite possibly the ugliest, most annoying website ever. EVER. We assure you that this is entirely intentional. We were shooting for that "14 year-old boy uploading his Final Fight strategy guide on a 14.4 baud modem" look, and by gumption, I think we nailed it!

Moving right along...

On this site you'll find Newtondotnet's first foray into adventure games, "Harry's 21st Birthday." With incredible and original titles such as this, I think we will soon be ready to take on more high-profile games like Halflife 2 or Paperboy.

The game was created using the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) Editor, available here. It's so versatile and flexible that you will be astounded and taken aback by it's flexibility and, to a lesser extent, it's versatility.

"Harry's 21st Birthday" is an adventure game harking back to the good old days of games like Sierra's "King's Quest" series or Lucasarts' "Monkey Island", though it clearly isn't as complex as those last two. Or as good.

The game answers a question that has been nagging us here at Newtondotnet Software for over four days, and that is the following. In the original Doom, at the end of Episode One ('Knee Deep in the Dead', for those of you who don't remember), the player is confronted by two Barons of Hell who appear to be waiting patiently in two small cages. We ask: who are these guys? What's their motivation? Why are they there?

We'll leave these mysteries up to you to find out during the course of "Harry's 21st Birthday", but we can assure you that hijinx WILL be had!

All you have to do to enjoy this quality product is scroll down the page, download the zip file (approx. 4 meg), and unzip it all to the directory of your choice.

NOTE: Make sure you keep all files (*.exe, *.vox, etc) in the same directory, otherwise the game won't work properly.

Harry, everybody's favorite walking demon cyborg of death, is celebrating his 21st birthday calmly, peacefully, serene. That is, until his best friend Tom shows up!

You play as Tom, the always lovable and dangerously homicidal Baron of Hell. Your goal is to get the party at your house ready for when Harry, unsuspecting, walks in! To do this, you must first convince the lovely Sally to take Harry out for a walk while you return home to prepare...

Can you succeed? Will you prevail? Only quick wits and razor-sharp literacy can ensure the success of "Harry's 21st Birthday"!


One Those wonderful dialogs!
Two Tom catches up with Harry.
Three Tom checks out his stereo just North of the Barrel room...
Four That Lucas is a whole lotta man. And spider. And cold steel.
Five Who let the 'dawgs' out?

Q: Hang on, did you just rip off all the levels, sprites, sounds, and music from Doom?
A: In a word: no. But, in another, more accurate word: yes.

Q: What the hell is with the
ass dance?
A: You'll notice that whenever Tom is facing 'up' and he starts to talk, he breaks out into what we here at Newtondotnet have affectionately dubbed the 'Ass Dance'. This is due to the selection of sprites we chose/ripped off to represent speech. We can only say that we are sorry...so very, very sorry.

Q: I have a Pentium II 350mHz computer with 64meg of RAM and a 16meg 3dFX card, can I travel back and forth through time?
A: You can and will, sir.

Q: Yoga flame!
A: That's not a question, you brigand! Sonic boom!


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